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With decades of expert knowledge from our specialist traders, our Fully Automated Algorithm enables clients to enjoy stressfree liquid investing, without lifting a finger.


* With investment, your capital is at risk.

Manage your families future

Saving for that big day? New home? or your families future.

We have this covered with our multi account feature.

Live TradeSmart Capital Performance

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* Figures are a live actual unit price, this constantly rises so may be higher when you come to purchase.

* Past Performance is not a guide to future performance.

Live Trading Allocation

* Please note this constantly changes live within the internal platform, the visual here will update daily.

Apple in the Media

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Apple in the Media

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Your Investment 24/7

The platform’s dashboard allows the investor to view how their investments are performing in real time, putting the client back in control of their portfolio.

How TradeSmart Works

Client purchases units of TradeSmart at the live unit price.

TradeSmart pools these units with other clients and the Algorithm goes to work.

The Algorithm trades Apple stock (APPL) contracts at an exceptional high frequency using automated trading software.

Unit price increases as profits are made.

Trading Strategy Simplified

Our Expert System embodies our expertise, in both trading and software.

This is the secret of our success.

We buy Long and Short 3, 4 and 5 week Options. These trades are cost average weighted to a particular side based on that days strategy, which allows for small profits to be taken daily.

We trade using our Expert System, exploiting variances that happen when the trading volume exceeds the average volume. This approach produces profits whether the stock goes up or down, although we make higher profits on the side we are hedged.

To date, the targeted, intense focus on Apple Stock (APPL) has been shown in simulations to provide the best returns for our clients. As further algorithms are refined for other stocks these will be added to the platform.

ROI (Return On Investment)

See internal platform for Live Performance.

Risk Management

All trades are micro trade volume, so the risk of loss due to software manipulation is very low, since the Expert System shuts down automatically if any anomaly is detected.


TradeSmart Capital software is built with bank level security and redundancy. The speed and complexity of its trading algorithms cannot be replicated by a person. In addition, the algorithms are masked, to avoid replication.

High Frequency Trading

Full Automated Algorithm

120,000+ transactions every day

Lightening Server Speeds

Positions held for fractions of a second

Constantly looking for opportunity

Like what you see?

Invest in you and your families future today.

*The value of investments can fall as well as rise